3 Things You Might Not Know About The Waiting Season

Perhaps one of the most difficult things we can ever do is wait. Waiting is rarely done out of our own choice; it is often an act we are forced to do. We all reach a standstill and face dry seasons. As you read this, I'm certain you are familiar with waiting; it is an... Continue Reading →


Lessons on Campus Part 3: The Value of Christian Fellowship

In my first year of campus life, I experienced what I still consider one of the best experiences of my entire life: the experience of belonging to a campus Christian Fellowship group, and I owe it to my fellowship for the experience. In the beginnings of campus life, I wasn't really concerned with being a... Continue Reading →

Test results and Self-worth

Being in the school environment, once again, has made me realise the impact test results can have on a student. Usually, students attach their self-worth to their results, and find themselves discontent when they do not get a desired or expected result. We all get disappointed sometimes, but should a test result really define who... Continue Reading →

Be Remembered by Faren Kudzai Sakupwanya

A certain writer once wrote, "Work for a cause and not applause; live life to express and not to impress; don't strive to make your presence noticed just make your absence felt. Leave a legacy." Peter Strople puts it this way "Legacy is not leaving something for people; its leaving something in people." The #BeRemembered... Continue Reading →

Lessons on Campus part 2

I've learnt the importance of having people who are older than you around you. These people can have more wisdom than you on certain matters. I refer to these people as my "older brothers and sisters." To become a patient listener while they speak, will be a blessing to you. I  intentionally make plans to... Continue Reading →

Lessons on Campus

My campus life experiences have exposed me to a busy world. It is a busy world everybody on campus gets to experience in their own unique way. The common belief is that things are easy because of the freedom that exists on campus but there is actually much more involved. Campus life, because of its... Continue Reading →

Be Remembered 

What kind of memory of you would you love to leave behind in people's minds and hearts when you are gone? Should legacy be a concern of only certain individuals and public figures? What would people remember about you if you were to leave the world today? Imagine what people think of you after every... Continue Reading →


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