Negativity and Toxicity 

Before I knew the dangers of negativity, I unknowingly spent time in its home. I'm no stranger to its damaging attitude. "I might mess up, what if I mess up," I thought. I was a slave of today because my thoughts were captured by tomorrow's worries; that made me negative and critical on myself whenever... Continue Reading →


Time (Poem)

Time! Does it really have a general definition? Or is it like a cycle that involves repetition?  Now that's related to History, an older brother of time and time is the father of past and future Are these relations painting a picture?  The inevitable progression into the future being the common feature This creature that... Continue Reading →

Ready for Adulthood? 

Are we ready for the adult world? Are we ready for the pressure and responsibilities that come with it? Are we ready for adulthood? These are questions I have been thinking about that have heavily influenced how I approach growth and learning in general. After 12 years of school, and spending some time at home,... Continue Reading →


Devotion is an indicator that shows us what exactly has our hearts. Devotion is the feeling of strong or fervent affection. We shouldn't mistake doing God's work for our devotion to Him, but rather let our devotion to God be the reason for doing His Work. Simple way of explaining how worship (devotion) and work... Continue Reading →

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