The Road to the Ultimate Bittersweet Poetry Slam with MessenJah

A poet can be defined as one who expresses thoughts and feelings with the use of words. The definition of poet is quite broad, but the element of every type of poetry is words. Words are what make up any poet’s arsenal. Spoken word poetry is one example of an art form that is growing... Continue Reading →


Memento Mori

Memento Mori is a poetry eBook by Musenga 'MessenJah' L. Katongo

Common Tale: Chapter 2 (Poem)

When he saw her, he had no idea she would soon become his favourite contact And the romance contract Mulenga signed emotionally when he made contact While standing outside his home, Mulenga saw this woman he had never seen before Curiosity kicked in, interest gave him an unexpected mental call "Does she belong here? I... Continue Reading →

Art of Self Defence (Poem)

Please forgive me! A part of me wanted to be understood, now I see that I was defensive  And that, has made me contemplative I accept full responsibility  I'll limp all the way to maturity  If I have to, I'm deeply sorry "I'm only human" is not excuse I'll use For I know that excuses... Continue Reading →

Time (Poem)

Time! Does it really have a general definition? Or is it like a cycle that involves repetition?  Now that's related to History, an older brother of time and time is the father of past and future Are these relations painting a picture?  The inevitable progression into the future being the common feature This creature that... Continue Reading →

Tragedy’s Waves (Poem)

Life, sometimes filled with unexpected situations Situations that leave messages of confusion Planted in our minds, it feels like the movie inception Delivered by tragedy, the sorrowful messenger The time you get an unexpected call from a family member Telling you that somebody you love is gone When reality calls, tragedy is the ringtone There's... Continue Reading →

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