Instant Messaging

Instant messaging can also add to insecurity. The read receipt/seen (commonly called blue ticks on Whatsapp) can make one feel insecure especially when expecting a response. We feel insecure because it feels like instant rejection.  Instant messaging is also making us always expect instant replies. Factors such as busyness and inability to reply rarely cross... Continue Reading →


A Missing Puzzle Piece 

Everybody wants to feel happy and complete. The feeling of satisfaction is a feeling we all chase after knowingly or unknowingly. Naturally, we all want to feel loved, and this love is actually a need. Described as the greatest gift in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 among faith and hope, this love we need, is an... Continue Reading →


Imagine a teacher asked a pupil to give reasons why schools give tests. In the case that such a question is asked to a pupil who doesn't understand the need for tests — the response from the same pupil will generally be negative and one-sided. On the other hand, a response from a pupil who... Continue Reading →


Negativity and Toxicity 

Before I knew the dangers of negativity, I unknowingly spent time in its home. I'm no stranger to its damaging attitude. "I might mess up, what if I mess up," I thought. I was a slave of today because my thoughts were captured by tomorrow's worries; that made me negative and critical on myself whenever... Continue Reading →


Ready for Adulthood? 

Are we ready for the adult world? Are we ready for the pressure and responsibilities that come with it? Are we ready for adulthood? These are questions I have been thinking about that have heavily influenced how I approach growth and learning in general. After 12 years of school, and spending some time at home,... Continue Reading →


Common Tale (Poem)

Standing in his living room, he feels the fire in him. At the same time,he feels his heart melting His anger is cooking and his temper is what's boiling Teary-eyed, he looks at this friend. “Why!” He says. “Why have you decided to hurt me! "Please tell me this is not a game you play!"... Continue Reading →


Friends and Friendship 

Friends, they are the people we enjoy spending time with. Time with them never seems wasted. They are the people we so easily talk to. They encourage us. They inspire us. They give us smiles and hope during difficult and complicated seasons of life. They are quick to offer a helping hand when we are... Continue Reading →


Seize the Canvas

Hi! Welcome to "The Canvas." As the reader, you must be wondering what "The Canvas," is all about. Allow me to briefly explain. A canvas is a piece of cloth that artists use to paint on usually with oil paint. It is a surface for paintings. Now look at it in this way. Imagine God... Continue Reading →


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