Highlights of the 18th year of the 21st Century.

2018 was both a challenging and exciting year for me personally. To nickname it, I would call 2018 “The year of growth” because it required me to stretch and grow even when I did not feel like doing so; I became a student of time, learning how to balance my time between studies and assignments. Everybody knows time does not negotiate with anyone so it’s only normal that you learn and practice how to execute plans in the space of 24 hours. Generally, I was exposed to a busy and interesting university life that not only helped me get a taste of the dynamics of tertiary education but also gave me an opportunity to meet and connect with different wisdom-filled people. I learnt from them like my life depended on it and quite frankly, it does depend on it.

2018, like all previous years, has many highlights but this particular year stands out for me. Many would ask “why?” Well, I had a hunger to accomplish many things and accelerate my self-development. That made me relentless and even more goal-oriented. 2018 stands out because of the significant amount of progress made thanks to friends and God’s never ending help, grace and mercy. There are times my endeavours felt ineffective and pointless but through my doubt and scepticism, I got to see the power of positivity, persistence, prayer, consistency and patience (a well known virtue and fruit of the Spirit).

Despite all the low moments, heartaches, losses and unexpected events I experienced in 2018, I am still growing, going and breathing today; this is a miracle only the Lord can explain.

I also got to try out new things, develop and sharpen various skills of mine and still enjoy expressing my artistic self through music and Spoken Word Poetry.

Your highlights may be  lessons to somebody out there so feel free to share them with friends and family as you might be helping somebody out there learn what you learnt with ease rather than make the same mistakes you did.

Grace and peace!


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