Test results and Self-worth

Being in the school environment, once again, has made me realise the impact test results can have on a student. Usually, students attach their self-worth to their results, and find themselves discontent when they do not get a desired or expected result. We all get disappointed sometimes, but should a test result really define who you are as a person? Should our performance in a man-made assessment really get us down to the point of self-loathing and regret?

There’s a healthy way of tackling this: by learning from failure and doing all that’s needed to do better next time.

While this may not be the easiest approach to failure, I see it as a safe one. One can either take a step-by-step approach to successes or cram everything in one day because of the emotional drive that is temporary. However, you can’t always study based on how you are feeling. If you do, you won’t study sometimes.


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