Lessons on Campus

My campus life experiences have exposed me to a busy world. It is a busy world everybody on campus gets to experience in their own unique way. The common belief is that things are easy because of the freedom that exists on campus but there is actually much more involved.

Campus life, because of its demands and weight, truly tests our character as people. Your faith and integrity is put to the test. Your time management skills will be tested. All in all, what you claim to believe in will be tested.

Relationships/friendships are another area the busy world can affect. Times of busyness test just how strong those bonds we have with friends and family are. People really do get busy, and lose connection when a busy environment isn’t approached objectively. Sometimes you’ll need to pause, breathe, and take the time to visit, call or text those closest to you. Personally, if I see potential for something more with the people I meet in my life, I invest in that. Visits, calls and texts go a long way especially if I see myself being with certain people for years to come.

Sometimes you’ll need to pause, breathe, and check on your relationship with God. None of this is easy honestly; it takes a lot of discipline.

Grace and peace.


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