Lessons on Campus part 2

I’ve learnt the importance of having people who are older than you around you. These people can have more wisdom than you on certain matters. I refer to these people as my “older brothers and sisters.” To become a patient listener while they speak, will be a blessing to you. I  intentionally make plans to visit these people not only to learn from them, but also to spend time with them. I’m very inquisitive, and so I ask them all sorts of questions on a variety of topics including academics and life. I also like to get their opinions on different topics.
Humility is an important part of the process; I believe if you really want something from someone, you have to be the one to follow them. The believer should know just how much fellowship with other believers is important in busy environments. In busy environments, almost anything can take you away from your faith. 

Laziness and procrastination are examples of things that can take us away from our faith, hindering spiritual growth. Christians need more of fellowship and everything else pertaining to spiritual growth like meditation on scripture. Life only gets busier and busier I’ve seen.

Grace and peace.


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