Be Remembered 

What kind of memory of you would you love to leave behind in people’s minds and hearts when you are gone? Should legacy be a concern of only certain individuals and public figures? What would people remember about you if you were to leave the world today?

Imagine what people think of you after every interaction you have with them. There’s always something about you that people will remember when you cross their minds. The world will never have another you because God only made one you, and the legacy you leave behind cannot be left by anybody else but you. Your legacy is like your fingerprint; it is unique.

 It is important to actively check if our passion is as evident as it should be in our lives. Who will carry the torch when you are gone? Who will see what you start to completion? When you know you are good at something, what will you do about it?

A legacy leaves room for further cultivation. A legacy encourages further investment. A legacy has the power to influence culture. A legacy of mediocrity is a legacy not worth imitating. 

Nobody wants to wake up 20 years later, realising that they wasted their time and did nothing to invest in their legacy. Legacy thinking is generational thinking. You can leave a legacy for your generation wherever you are, whoever you are. To my dear brothers and sisters: how will you be remembered in the history books?


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