Common Tale: Chapter 2 (Poem)

When he saw her, he had no idea she would soon become his favourite contact
And the romance contract

Mulenga signed emotionally when he made contact

While standing outside his home, Mulenga saw this woman he had never seen before

Curiosity kicked in, interest gave him an unexpected mental call

“Does she belong here? I have definitely never seen her before. Maybe she’s new here,” He mused

He walked up to this woman with the intention of practicing courtesy

“Hi! Please call me Mulenga. You are new here ka!” with a grin on his face that said “courtesy.”

“Hey! Yes,” She said “I am actually. Thanks ah! I’m Esther, I feel so lost…and yeah! I’m so new here. We just moved here recently,” 

she giggled, signalling that she appreciated his company

“It’s normal, maybe I can help you know some places if you like,” Mulenga said, trying to keep the conversation going

“Aw, you’re too kind. I would really love that! She exclaimed

“Cool! Sure thing. Let’s get moving then,” he said

Mulenga and Esther had no trouble having a conversation, they shared inside jokes, were alike in many ways 

4 minutes together made them feel like they knew each other for many days

Eventually, after their short walk together, they exchanged contacts

For 12 months, they texted each other and got to know each other more and more 

Through texts, meetings and long night calls

Her presence felt like a torch

The illumination was directed to his heart

Her presence birthed a spark

Daily his heart was immersed in euphoria 

His mind built a utopia 

His mind, sometimes went as far as picturing her nervously saying her vows at the alter

Jealousy surfaced every time he saw any guy speak to Esther

Plus some insecurity he was dealing with made his mission ‘don’t lose her’

Mulenga wasn’t thinking about the other girls, all his mind said was “Esther…Esther…Esther,”

Day and night, he became a student of insomnia

he began to question if this was love?

He asked God if she was the one

could she be? All he wanted was a sign

A sign that would confirm if being friends with her was the end like a finish line

Or maybe he had to use a few pick lines to help her realise

But he also had fears

The dreaded “friendzone” his buddies and guys joked about 

And the fear of rejection had him swimming in doubt

But he had butterflies in his stomach

So if he continued like this he would lose his appetite

On an early Saturday morning, he gathered up all the confidence he had and called her

Asked if he could meet her

To which she agreed 

He walked to her place 

Hoping this chase didn’t turn into a mess

Mulenga saw Esther waiting for him outside 

Mulenga had palpitations inside his chest

He became sweaty and tense

He walked up to her, got prepared 

“Now or never,” he declared

He poured out his heart, confessed and told her how he really felt

She was in tears, Esther didn’t want to hurt him but she told him she never saw him passed the level of ‘friend’

From her end

Mulenga’s world turned upside down

Both were in tears

He felt crushed and wished he would hide in the ground

“Why! Why all this?” He said, as he walked away slowly for he couldn’t bear the rejection 

Mulenga left the place with regret

This was pain in a different state

Mulenga felt like his heart broke in two

It was like she literally ran away with the other half of it, he felt used

Memories of her were pain

His tears made him say “never again,”

He cut off all communication with her

Each day he struggled to erase her presence from his mind

On certain nights, he felt so lonely 

He deleted all the pictures of Esther he had kept in his phone

Mulenga only wanted to be alone

Depression hit him, it was the first time he went through a heartbreak 

The situation though painful, made him to turn to God more

Mulenga found peace and satisfaction in Jesus Christ

He then realised that love is neither led by lust nor manipulative 

He eventually let go of all the bitterness

He became introspective 

Mulenga sometimes just wanted to pick up his phone and tell Esther how much he missed her

But he found that this entire experience boosted his resilience

‘Relationships aren’t initiated because of desperation’

The experience was now a lesson


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