Time (Poem)

Time! Does it really have a general definition?

Or is it like a cycle that involves repetition? 

Now that’s related to History, an older brother of time and time is the father of past and future

Are these relations painting a picture? 

The inevitable progression into the future being the common feature

This creature that man continuously tries to tame

A beast with no cage, that teaches us important life lessons like a teacher

It teaches us to be patient right?

A patient with emotional scars must be patient enough, to wait for Doctor Time to provide the proper healing right?

Well, I’m asking because they say time heals

So I hope Doctor Time writes a prescription for the patience pills

And the pharmacist, gravity, will tell us just how long we have to wait 

See it’s importance? No really,do you see it? patience is a fruit of the Spirit, a virtue

It is imperative and keeps us in line with principles like a curfew

They say time is money

And yes. People do say that

So that actually means time is wealth. And if time is wealth then what are you investing your time in?

24 hours is enough time to learn something new

24 hours is enough time for an individual to turn from their sin

24 hours is enough time to have a conversation with God, the author of time, everything finds meaning in Him

But what happens is, we get too busy looking at our T.V and phone screens

And the hunger slowly drowns in our entertainment seas

I know the Lord is the author and giver of time, the seconds,minutes and hours

A thought we ought to keep present in our minds, time has no rewind

I believe liberty is power

A man can change the course of his tomorrow with only 24 hours

But liberty with no wisdom lacks vision

One can either destroy or build with only one decision

On the other hand, time flies 

I can’t believe that I believed  procrastination’s lies

A stitch in time saves nine

Time and tide wait for no man

Even idiomatic expressions have meaningful life lessons for man

Oh brothers and sisters, I pray we remember this while making our plans

Time oh time!

Time, waits for no man

Time, is like sand in your hand

Slowly being blown away by the wind of life

I can sense the fresh seconds around us

Because every desire is trying to take a bite

Who is responsible for your time?

That’s right, the question has an obvious answer. “Your,” the pronoun which means belonging to you. 

Not him or her, but you

Time is a tool in the hands of the wise one

Never enough for the lazy one

Mindfulness reveals time management’s hidden secrets

Important information concealed

 Because of man’s pursuit of temporary thrills

Inconsistency is just another fancy way of inviting laziness

Hello passivity

And all worry does is block time management’s effectiveness

Disguised as a solution but really an enemy

Making us think that thinking about it offers a solution

When worrying is not even encouraged by Christ 

Rooted in uncertainty, it only births confusion

I thought time was too fast

Until I realized I’m the one to do the adjusting and not wish for it to be mine

Because nobody possesses the ability to control time

Time oh time!


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