Canvas and a Paintbrush  (Poem by Musenga “MessenJah” Katongo)

I’ve got the canvas right before me

Paintbrush and paint in my inventory

I take one stroke with the brush, I rush

I cross the plan and it all looks like mush

Splash a lil green, add red and yellow

Turning a white canvas to a deformed rainbow

A picture of a halo looks like an alien from Halo

So I stay low, gallery looks like I went AWOL

I plan a masterpiece, to sketch a great picture.

 I beg to differ because my picture is a mixture

Of pride, tempers and rashness, a mental hardness

I regard to this as the fact that this picture can’t harness

Any example to whom its displayed

For each time I made a stroke with a brush I dismayed

Life is like a canvas, painting a picture for your folk

The thing with painting is you can’t erase the stroke.


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