Common Tale (Poem)

Standing in his living room, he feels

the fire in him. At the same time,he

feels his heart melting

His anger is cooking and his temper is what’s boiling

Teary-eyed, he looks at this

friend. “Why!” He says. “Why have

you decided to hurt me! “Please tell

me this is not a game you play!”

The friend he once saw in a white dress

Ready as his bride turned his reality

into a mess

She is standing in front of him. Silent, no words after her sad

confession. His world is now all but a dream

“I’m sorry, I have always had

somebody else,” she says, “I only

accepted your proposal because I

wasn’t sure. I’m sorry

You made me feel special. I needed somebody when I was lonely

She sheds a tear and another

regretting the pain she

brought to another

“How about the words you told

me?”he asks,“you promised me you’d never leave

I was convinced I was an Adam who finally found his eve

Woman! you accepted. You

accepted that day I knelt

You told me how you felt

The day I asked you to

Ma”……. He goes quiet. The word now becomes foreign to his vocabulary

Four months to the wedding, he is dying emotionally

There is a pregnant pause. They are

both staring at each other. Waiting

for the other to kill the silence

She gently removes the ring from her

finger. She leaves it on the living

room floor

He watches her as she

leaves out his front door

His heart is

beating fast. His mind has random thoughts

“What’s love now!” he says to

himself,“ why live and love? For me to be hurt?”

Tears begin to run down his face 

His cheeks are wet

His eyes have the color red

“Why me?” he stammers, “God please tell me why!” He believes in God but this situation has him depressed

His situation level is passed worse He is sobbing and wondering. He doesn’t know where to go. He doesn’t know what to do. He is angry. He is sad.

He gets on his knees

Crying,“God. I’m in great need

This situation has me

questioning. Who do I call?”

This pain is great but I need healing for my broken soul!”


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