Tragedy’s Waves (Poem)

Life, sometimes filled with unexpected situations
Situations that leave messages of confusion

Planted in our minds, it feels like the movie inception

Delivered by tragedy, the sorrowful messenger

The time you get an unexpected call from a family member

Telling you that somebody you love is gone

When reality calls, tragedy is the ringtone

There’s a woman, her purity was forced to illegally jump the marriage fence

Believes she would have been fit for her future husband if a stranger hadn’t raped her, taking away her innocence,

Lost every ounce of joy, her tears know no courage

Forced to do something she saved exclusively for marriage

The broken vow is a nightmare with a dose of emotional baggage

She’s the victim but asked to pay for the damage


There’s a mother mourning the death of her son

The mother struggles to understand whether this is God’s will or not

Wrestling with the words ‘let your will be done’

There’s a Christian in the middle East being persecuted

There’s a man of faith who has just been executed

Terrorism is spilling the blood of children

Who will save them?

Honestly this can make a human being anxious and depressed

Stressed, limping in this race



Question of the century is, where was God?


Sometimes it feels like our problems are on the back burner, awaiting a saviour

So unbelief leaves footprints in your mind

Your confidence is now blind

As fear and hope have a tug of war inside your mind

Tragedy reiterates

That no man can really give you a reason for all these events

But God leaves us a choice

Focus on the big picture or listen to bitterness’ voice

Forgive the one who hurt you so carelessly or inhale bitterness and exhale misery

Leave no room for legalism

As we grieve

Escorting cynicism

Out the back door

But let your tears flow, be honest, let your God know

That these waves are strong

Drowning in your misery, praying for a break through in the form of a shore

I sometimes wish things would be easier, I know the struggle

You are the Stephen in this jungle

Interceding for the very people who want you to fall

Trusting in the one who really saved us all

Giving him our frustrations, and pain

Praying we are not taken away by


Tragedy’s waves!



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